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The Online Portal: My wedding planner brain dumped into 6 neatly-organized modules just for you!
Each module is broken down into manageable steps, so you can actually get shit done.
Workbooks, spreadsheets, handouts, and my professional templates make it easy.

Module 1:
Getting Started

First, I'm going to introduce you to the subscription and tell you how to get the most out of it!
Then we'll begin the real wedding planning work by setting your wedding priorities. This is a super fun part of wedding planning, where you'll grab a glass of wine, relax, and dream with your future spouse!
As you imagine your wedding vision, you'll use my Wedding Manifesto template to write yours down.
I'm going to give you my Big-Ass Checklist, so you don't miss any wedding to dos along the way.
We'll end this module by doing a little bit of research so we can develop a realistic wedding budget, and you'll get my Wedding Budget Spreadsheet to keep track of all the numbers as you plan.

Module 2:
The Big Picture

Here we dive into the large-scale details of your wedding. We'll dream up and hunt for the perfect wedding venue using the priorities and budget you set. You'll figure out your must-haves and learn the questions you need to ask to keep your wedding budget on track.
Once you settle on a venue, we'll draft a timeline for your wedding day - which you'll need for just about every vendor inquiry you're going to make. My Timeline Worksheet will make this simple for you.
With that in hand, we'll learn how to find and book the right vendors for you.
Printable Venue and Vendor Evaluation forms ensure you don't miss any essential details!

Module 3:
Dealing with your people

Without a doubt, this one part of wedding planning almost everyone struggles with! Family and friends can have just as many expectations as you do for your wedding, so let's figure out how to handle them.
In this module, we'll start with the (often-dreaded) Guest List. Who to invite? How to keep track of them? What to do with their unwanted opinions?
We'll review wedding party and family roles, including what you - and they - are supposed to do, and how to make sure you agree on what that actually means.
Then we'll cover the minutiae of booking hotel room blocks and we'll sort out transportation for your wedding party, family, and guests.

Module 4:
Details, Details, Details

In our fourth module, we are going to tackle the most challenging part of throwing a massive party: figuring out what your loved ones are going to eat and drink, where it's coming from, who's going to serve it, and how it's getting cleaned up. Don't worry - we're going to go through all the options, including alternative options to expensive traditional catering.
Next, we'll talk about DIY! Whether or not it's a good idea for YOU, and if it will actually save you money.
In the final lesson, we'll walk through creating a meaningful ceremony - arguably the most important part of your wedding! Whether that's writing your own from scratch or just dealing with the logistics, I'll help you figure it all out here.

Module 5:
Wedding Day LOgistics

As your wedding day gets closer, we'll build your final timeline. I will help you work through the timing of hair/makeup, photos, eating, drinking, dancing, and everything else so that your event flows smoothly and you have plenty of time to get it all done. We'll organize your ceremony, photos, contact info, final payments, and the physical decor stuff that needs to come and go with a series of templates - the same ones I use with my one-on-one clients.
Decor plans will be outlined with complete instructions in your Setup and Strike plan, which you can give to any volunteer friends and family who'll be helping you out. Lastly, we're going to make backup plans for weather, delegate things we can't do ourselves, and confirm all the details with everyone involved.

Module 6:
Find Your Wedding Zen

When you arrive at our final module, you will have completed virtually all the work that needs to be done in order for your wedding day to happen!
Now, let's figure out how to relax and let it go so that you can be present and enjoy it.
I'll teach you how to rehearse like a pro.
I'll give you practical tips for staying sane throughout your wedding day.
And I'm going to share one last checklist - what I keep in my personal "Oh, Shit" kit that goes with me to every single wedding I work. You can use it to pack your own selection of just-in-case supplies.
Lastly, you'll hand off the execution to those wonderful vendors, friends, and family. You'll take some deep, calming breaths. And then - you'll get married!

The Part Where You Get My Personal Help on Your Individual Wedding Issues
Because there is a ton of stuff in the online course, but there is no way I can cover every possible scenario without making it so long that you quit before you get very far! But – I know you still need help with your wedding – which may not look like everyone (or anyone) else’s wedding. So here’s how I’m going to help you with what’s not in those 6 modules:

Live Planning Calls

Exactly what it sounds like! Once a month, we all get on a big group call, and I answer your wedding planning questions - live!
"But wait," you say, "we're not going to be able to make it to a live call every month! This won't help us!"
Ahh, my friends, I have thought of this already. That's why you'll always have the option to submit your questions in advance and every live call will be recorded. Which means your questions get answered, and you get to hear those answers, even if you can't show up at a specific time to ask them.

The CYOW Community on Facebook

So what about all that time in between planning calls, when you have an urgent wedding issue that isn't covered in the course? That's what our Facebook community is for. I'm in there all the time and I read and respond to every issue that comes up, usually within 48 hours.
The other amazing thing about this? Community. There is nothing like being in a (virtual) room full of people who are all going through the same things as you. You'll share - and get - ideas, inspiration, support, and advice from engaged folks just like you.

Weekly Email Accountability

Every week, you're going to get an email from me, reminding you to get to work on your wedding plans!

I'll be checking in to see what you've accomplished and ask what you'll be working on next.

When you respond, you're going to get a personal reply from me with an encouraging GIF, some words of support, or maybe even some extra, personalized wedding planning advice for whatever piece you are currently tackling.

So... Are you in?!

Cindy Savage

Wedding Planner & Owner
Aisle Less Traveled LLC

Want to have an amazing wedding?
Why not learn how to plan yours from someone who has planned hundreds of live events in the last two decades?

That’s me! Hi there, I’m Cindy. 

I help couples like you plan meaningful weddings without losing your sanity or blowing your budget. I trained in theatre and have been stage managing live productions since the 1997. I’ve worked on all sorts of events with all kinds of elements that had to be carefully planned and perfectly executed. I suspected it would be the perfect training for a wedding planner – and it has been.

When I got married, I planned a shindig for 75 guests in Chicago for just $5000. It had two brides, one unsupportive set of parents, friends schlepping chairs down separate aisles, and a metric fuck ton of DIY. I’m talking gowns we sewed ourselves, more hours than I care to admit designing and coding a custom website (this was before drag-and-drop templates, y’all), hand-illustrated invitations, and a made-from-scratch 3-tier, 3-flavor wedding cake.

So when I say I understand small budgets, DIY, offbeat weddings, and challenges that LGBTQ+ couples can face, I really know what I’m talking about! And after putting together 80+ weddings, more than a hundred theatrical productions, and a handful of non-profit fundraisers: I also really know live events.

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